Tips For Sessions

Hey everyone, I thought I would write a post about some tips I have learnt while working with models and also from my own knowledge from shoots that haven’t really worked or didn’t turn out the way it should have. This post will hopefully bring clarity to you for your session with us.  

The Do’s

  • Bring the right clothing for the shoot. - Have your outfits ready the day before and not a bag full of choices. Know the style and bring what is needed. The day goes so much longer when you have to make clothing choices during a shoot. Also bring clothing that fits and shows your figure. 
  • Come with a clean face unless you are getting your makeup done. 
  • Have  Ideas - Have these ideas ready at hand in case you are unsure of poses. When I am on shoot, I at least have a few pose images saved on my phone, and If I want to try a new pose, and have no idea how to pose, I can show the image to the client.
  • Get Sleep - Now this is big one. Please get at least 7 hrs of sleep. Before a shoot the next day I aim to have 8 hrs sleep so I am awake and ready for the big day.
  • Bring WATER - If you know your day is long of shooting, indoor or outdoor bring water and food! Summer is hot so make sure you bring that cold water. We don’t want our clients going home sick cause of no water. This is a MUST. When I shot, I offer breaks. Mainly during summer as it gets hot fast - and don’t be afraid to tell the photographer you need a 5 min break for snack and water.
  • TALK. - Don’t be afraid to talk as you pose. Ask the photographer questions, get to know them. Now this goes both ways. It helps bring that natural smile or look into the photos and helps bring out confidence.
  • Do RESEARCH. - when you book a shoot with us stalk their pages, google them. just learn about them.
  • BE EARLY / ON TIME - Aim to be at location at least 5 mins early. This gives time to talk to the people on set like photographer and make up artist. Gives time to go through the ideas and poses. 
  • Be CONFIDENT! - Be confident in who you are. Be confident in the photographer. 

The Don’ts

  • Don’t show up unprepared. 
  • Don’t bring a bag full of outfits and chose on the day! NO. It takes to long to get the shoot started when you are still deciding outfits. 
  • Don’t pose like a limp noodle. - Pose with tension and strength in your body. 
  • Don’t play it safe with poses. - Don’t do the same poses at every shoot. Learn new ones. Get outside your comfort zone. Mix it up. 
  • Please don’t show up looking like a mess and please be freshly shaven.
  • Don’t let your hair or make up affect your performance. Push through it. Trust the make up artist / Photographers. 
  • Don’t be forgettable! Make an expression. Be fun. Be open. If your friendly, you maybe just welcomed back in the future. 
  • DO NOT BE LATE!! - I put this capitals, because well its important. If you are running late, let the photographer know at least 15mins before shoot time. If you can’t make it, TEXT or CALL the photographer at least 3hrs before a shoot. The worst thing is waiting at a location for 3hrs and you are a no show. Its rude. This goes for both parties as well.  Please be good and text or call whoever you are meeting if you are late. 
  • Don’t ask to see every single photo from the shoot. - When you work with us, you do tend to see a few shots every few minutes to make sure we are on the right track. But don’t ask to see every single on every single time. Trust the Photographer. If one pose is off, simply do it again. 
  • Don’t ask for RAWS!! - For me, every now and then I will send some raws for you to select the ones you want, but most times, I won’t. If you want to select the images from the session to be edited, just ask the photographer if you can select the images. If they say sorry I don’t send raws at all, then respect that. Cause let’s face it. RAWS are HUGE Files and It is kinda a long process to change them into Jpegs to send to you. But asking never hurt anyone. 
  • Don’t lack confidence. - Be confident. Be confident in the photographer. Be confident in yourself and how you look. Embrace your flaws and embrace your size, embrace who you are as a person! If you lack confidence, it will show in the images. Be you! Have Fun. 
  • Don’t be scared to try new things - try new things. Jump into that lake to get that perfect shot. Climb that tree to get the shot. Just don’t be scared. If you honestly can’t do something, then tell the photographer. They will not push you past your breaking point. 
  • Don’t wear tight clothing or have tight bra straps the night before as it leaves red marks on the skin the next day. 

So, sorry that is along list, but this will help on your shoots! Last point....HAVE FUN!! When you have fun, the images turn out way better. 

If you have any question or if I have missed something, just comment below. 
If you would like to work with me, just message. 

Love Always, Jess xo