Social Media Posting Tips

Social Media is a huge platform to get your name out there especially when it comes to photography, Modelling, Makeup Artist or Music. It’s how you use it that is important.

Over the last year I have learnt so much about how to post on Facebook and Instagram. From how many things to post and what to write. Everything we post can either bring people in or push people away from your page and what you are trying to get out. What I will share with you is what I have learnt. From what works to what doesn’t work. So pay close attention. These tips might just get your work out there.

We can all post stuff on Instagram or Facebook, it is easy. But It’s a whole new level when you run a business like Makeup or photography or getting into the modelling or music or really anything creative. So it is important to understand HOW to post and WHEN to post and WHAT to post. So here is what I learnt and what worked; and these points all go for those in the creative field such as; Photography, Makeup, Modeling. (Which are my main areas of focus in this post.


  • DON’T post more than 3 Photos in one time slot. Always spread it out. Why? because the more you post in different time slots, the more it pops up on people’s news feeds. If you post 10 photos in one load for the day that is only once your work or images will be seen. Yes there have been times I have posted one whole album in one sitting, which is usually events as most people what to see the full set in one go from a certain event. But when it comes to any modelling, portrait or couple shots, believe me, I only post up to 6 photos in one day. Which sometimes is 3 in the morning and 3 at night or just 3 spread out in that day. It all depends what the content is. But spread out your post. But whatever you do; DON’T post every hour of the day! my max is twice a day.
  • GIVE CREDIT - Ok, this is simple. Just give credit. If you worked with a photographer, tag their page, if you worked with a model; tag their page and so on. Most of the time to be noticed in this field, its word of mouth or in this world of social media it would be word of tag. When you tag someone or someone’s page it comes up on people’s news feeds. This can then direct people to that person’s page. Don’t tag their personal page and not their like page. Tag both or just the like page.
  • RECOMMEND - So most photographers, Makeup Artist and models are all in some sort of group on Facebook which means if you worked with someone who was great, and someone is looking for certain people, recommend those people you loved working with and vise verse. Help each other out.
  • UPDATE - Try and update every month or so with new pictures as your display or cover picture. It is the first set of photos your clients or people wanting to work with you see. Make a great first impression by having an up to date picture or one that really shows what you are about. If you can’t decide then make a collage for the cover picture. But be wise. To many photos are overwhelming keep it under 10 images if you go for a collage.
  • ENCOURAGE - Yes it is competitive out there, but encourage each other. Support each other. Help each other grow. Learn off each other.
  • DON’T Post something in a group every single day about your page. It actually gets annoying. Unless you are posting about TFP shoots or needing a model or a make up artist, but if you are only putting your page on there saying “Hey i am free to shoot or do shoots this week PM Me” but you post it every day or every few days it does get annoying. Post once a week or even every few weeks.
  • DON’T PUT PEOPLE DOWN!!! - Plain and simple. Don’t bully. I am against bullying. If I see people bullying other people I will refuse to work with them. Please be nice and as I said before. Encourage each other. What they do will not effect you. If they want to get into modelling lets say, then let them. Encourage them. Photographers; if there are people you do not want to work with because of their looks or it won’t suit what you do, that’s fine, but be nice. Direct them to people that will help them and willing to help. Don’t be rude. Facebook needs to be a safe place where people can go after their passions and dreams without people pulling them down.

Ok, so that was Facebook Tips. I hope it helped. Now onto...


  • DON’T post more than three times in a day. YES I just said that. why? Because if you are posting a photo every three seconds from a shoot you will have nothing to post in the days to come. Plus it gets annoying seeing the same person post every minute with 10 photos from one shoot. Limit your self to 3 photos a day. - I personally used to do this, till I found myself losing followers and people who were interested.
  • POSTING TIMES - This is huge. Why? Because depending on the time you post, the more or less people that see your work or images. I found posting once in the morning and once a night a huge success. The times I post are between 6am and 10am and at night between 5pm and 10pm. Why? because most people are on social media before and after work. Sometimes I post outside these times, but still get a huge response. But these times are effective. Try it out!
  • HASH TAGS!! - Yep this plays a huge part. People actually look up different hashtags. I used to never use them, till I found out that people actually are going through photos under hashtags. For example: #Fashion . You hashtag that and people who are into fashion are usually in that hashtag search. Your picture is on that search page. Don’t limit yourself to 3 hashtags. Go crazy!! but not too crazy. Keep it under 30 hashtags. But be wise, don’t just post any old hashtag. If you are posting a image about fashion, use hashtags related to fashion, like magazines, or different countries, or clothing lines etc.
  • COMMENTING - If people comment saying “great photo”, comment back with a thank you. It shows that you actually read the comments and are interested in what people are saying.
  • FOLLOWING - Don’t waste your time following stupid accounts and following back every single person that follows you. Just follow the accounts that interest you, that inspire you.
  • GIVE CREDIT - Same as Facebook (So head up to that point and read it) - Give credit. If they don’t have a Instagram, still put their name or business name in the description.
  • ENCOURAGE - Same as the Facebook point (Read above) - Don’t bully and don’t put others down in comments on Instagram. Be encouraging.

Well after all those points, I hope this some what helps you as it helped me when I was and still am learning about social media posting. Your work is on display, do you want a great reputation or a bad one? What you post will impact you one way or the other.

Use social media wisely.
If there is anything I missed, feel free to inbox me and I will add it to the list

Love always, Jess xox