Living In A World Of Perfection

Beauty Fades.
Character lasts.

Only 15% of women love who they are. However the other percentage of 75% don't love who they are. There is something that they want to change, or get rid of. That is a lot of women who look in the mirror each day and hate what they see. 

We live in a world here we can instantly, go to a plastic surgeon and get stuff done. For example; a nose job, or breast implements. Now there is a different to getting a nose job for the sake of it, and getting it done due to medical reasons. Same as breast implements; there is getting them done because you want a bigger chest and getting it done due to an illness. I am no means judging anyone who has gotten things done, I am simply making a point that we live in a world of plastic. 

Welcome to  Photoshop and technology where it is easy to change the way we look simply by a phone or computer. I use Lightroom and Photoshop for editing of course, but one thing that I never do is change the way a person looks. It isn't apart of my vision for BTP. I am about showing beauty in everyone and showing them what I see.

When it comes to body image, it isn't just about trying to be skinny, but it can also be about gaining weight because your thin or you have no muscle. Some people can't help being a certain size or even shape because of health conditions , but even then, they still feel the pressure to be a certain way.  

There are so many effects of struggling with body image, such as; Depression, Eating disorders or even suicide. Yet we don't even address those areas in today's society. Personally, I have always struggled with the way I look, I always felt the pressure to be thin just to be accepted, or to tan because I was too fair or to have a certain hair colour, yet over the years I have had a revelation that  why try and be like everyone else, when we aren't born to be a copy. We are all unique so why change that. We are all a masterpiece.  

A masterpiece means that there is only one. So there is never the same, there is no copy or second version. Twins are even unique. Yes they may look identical on the outside, but look at the personalities, or even dig deeper and look at the finger prints. Just like snow flakes, not ONE is the same. How amazing is that. 

We are created as a masterpiece. Fearfully and wonderfully made. Just because we live in a world where perfection is idolised, doesn't mean we should follow it. Be your own kind of beautiful. Be you. Be the best you can be. Wear what you want, express who you are no matter the size. In the end, looks fade when we all hit 60 years old. Beauty doesn't last. Character lasts. 

If you are struggling with body image and thinking you have to be perfect, you are not alone. But I encourage you this. BE YOU! Who cares what others think, they don't know you. Your friends will love you for you. Strangers can think all they want, but they don't know you or who you are. People will judge, but never judge yourself or make them win this battle in body image. 

If you have any questions or would like to share your story, then leave a comment below or shot through an email. If you would like to see the rest of the images from this shoot then go check them out in the concepts link.

Much love, Jess xox  


We are all unique, so why try and change that?