Life with Anxiety


Anxiety, we either talk about it or we don't. We think it's panic attacks and break downs, however, there is so much more to it. There are things people do in an every day setting that is a showcase of anxiety. People that have anxiety can experience these things. 

So, here are some things that people with anxiety face with every day. 

Phone calls are so annoying, because the moment they ring, our minds run with questions and worry. We reject the calls because it is easier than answering them. 

Text messages and Facebook messages are like a game of war. It's waiting for the sudden reply because we reply fast, but we get no response for maybe 1 minute, or 1 hour or even 5 days, and guess what the worry kicks in. It's the questions like "what have I done", "Did I annoy them", "Are they ok". It's like 1 hour could be like a month for us. We check our phones every minute incase we missed the reply. Most of all, we hate messgaing again to check in because we haven't heard back from them. 


It's second guessing our choices and decisions, that when we are faced with making a decision, we stress out. It's being put on the spot and freaking out inside, or it's having to be a leader in a situation or a job, that requires us to be the center of attention or be the voice of something. It freaks us out. It's constantly thinking our work isn't good enough because things need changing and then we question ourselves "Am I good enough?" It's the thought of speaking in front of a crowd that makes the heart beat fast and the palms sweat. It's biting the nails, or the inside of our gums when we are in a situation that is making us nervous, or in a crowded room where our thoughts have to scream because it's so noisy and all that we can do is stare off into space. It's the same with events, we get invited to things, but yet there is a part of us that want's to reject it because it involves a crowd of people. Or it's not being invited to something yet everyone else is, that makes us question ourselves. "Why don't they like me?", "What did I do wrong?", "Why didn't they invite me?". Our minds are always full of questions and worry. 

It's becoming anxious when everyone is singing happy birthday to you in a big crowded place that we have no idea what to do but smile, but deep down we are screaming because we don't want attention. As a matter of fact, we hate attention. We walk around with our heads down so we don't make eye contact with anyone. It's not knowing how to respond to compliments. It's stuttering over our words because our mouths are trying to keep up with our fast paced minds. 

Sometimes, it's lying awake at night or even being woken up by our own thoughts, so we are always tired because we are tormented by our own minds. It's sometimes ensuring we have sound going on when we are sleeping, like music or a fan and it's even having some sort of light on, not because we are afraid of the dark, it's just comfort. 


Sometimes, music is something that can calm us. Whether listening to music while we sleep, or listening to music while we work so we can focus better. Sometimes it's listening to music that can silence the mind for just a moment. 

So when we say, sorry I don't really want to go out today, don't take offense to it. It's only because we aren't up for being in a crowd of people. When we say, we need a day to ourselves, don't message us just for the day, things can wait. When we are silent, don't ask us what is wrong, just make us feel comfortable in that situation. If we reject your call, don't expect us to call you back. Just message us if you can. We respond fast most times. 

You see anxiety isn't just panic attacks or break downs. It's all the little things too. Most of all, if you have anxiety, you are not alone! People care and are there for you. If you think you have anxiety, go see your local GP and find out. It may cause you to be more anxious, but answers are good. There are also support companies that are there for you like Beyond Blue. 

If you read this far, good. Just know this one thing: YOU ARE STRONG. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.